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Rules! (read and follow) Huskisson906

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Rules! (read and follow) Huskisson906

Post  Huskisson906 on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:47 pm

I have coped and pasted some rules together so follow them or i will reuse to battle you for 24 hours exactly.
Rule 1 ; NO UBERS! I don't have one and neither should you, and yes this includes blaziken, Garchomp, Excadrill, and any other uber listed.
Rule 2; You may not have any pokes that have OHKO moves like sheer cold. Seriously this is annoying if you do hit and pitiful if you don't. It makes you look bad so don't use them.
Rule 3; Don't flame or troll. We don't need newbs coming in and think they are awesome and when they lose they blame other people and get mad. Again this makes you look bad so don't do it.
Rule 4; Weather teams are allowable as long as they are not Drizzle + Swift swim this is banned form OU and i do count this stradegy as Ubers so don't do it :/.Break this rule I will refuse to battle you for 24 hours.
Rule 5-9; Follow all standard rules meaning all banned abilitys and itmes in OU do apply!
Rule 10; It will be a 6 vs 6 pokemon match lvl 100's so be prepared.

Rule 11; NO HACKED POKEMON! Seriously lets try to play fair especially to me... Any one that disobeys this rule i will call them a cheating fuck and Disconnect.

If it all goes well then you should get a badge from me. Well ,Battle with honor and pride and good luck in our match. Cat

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