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The Eternal Dark Lair

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The Eternal Dark Lair

Post  Darkrina on Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:19 am

As your host, these will be the rules that apply in my Gym.

1. Ubers are banned and that includes the legendaries that are acceptable in the game such as the lake trio,the regies, laties and the sacred swordsmen. I dislike it when others use ubers as it makes the battle unfair as legendaries are too over powered! I do not use them and so you should not either.

2. Hacked Pokemon are banned also. I will not tolerate it since it will make the battle unfair and it is a form of cheating! As well as that, I will refuse to battle you for 24 hours if you break this rule.

3. Weather type moves are allowed but entry hazards aren't allowed as well as the abilities such as swift swim, drizzle ect as it makes them seem like ubers. Neither trickroom nor OHKO moves allowed either.

4. You may only have a choice of two sweepers of any kind as well as two walls.

5. No more than 3 advantage type Pokemon are allowed.

6. No whining or complaining if either player wins fair and square. It irritates people when the other person starts to troll and flame the other person and it makes you look very childish if you call someone a cheat and start to rave if they beat you fairly, so please do respect other person if they beat you and don't be negative.

7. Held items are allowed.

My Pokemon will be set to level 100 and it will be a 6 v 6 match.

So yes, I look forward to battling with you and hope you all have fun Very Happy
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