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For weather teams

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For weather teams

Post  Huskisson906 on Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:08 am

This strategy is for weather teams. We all know that sending your drizzle or sand stream or snow warning guy out is important but it gets predictable especialy since they know you have one. So i have found a way to keep the opponent on their toes. Instead of putting your weather bringer out first send out a switcher like a U-turn user or volt switch ( I have yet to find one for Hail teams if any one of you know tell me but i think U-turn will be on most peoples pokemon anyways). This way they will either be switching to the counter they have for it or if your guy is powerful enough flat out OHKO the thing. If they do manage to get the counter out (unless it is electric vs ground/ volt absorb) then it is a free switch and free damage. So all you weather users out there take heed and follow this and you will scare your opponent.

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